15 Reasons to Become a Massage Therapist

1. Massage therapy is preventative health care.

Back in the old days, wealthy families would hire physicians to keep them all in good health. These doctors would be put on retainers. They’ll keep getting paid as long as the clients remain happy. But the moment anyone gets sick, the payments stop.

That’s kinda funny, don’t you think? These days, doctors get paid to treat you of illnesses. They don’t get fired because you got sick in the first place. Doctors don’t get a bad rap for not being able to prevent the disease. Because let’s be honest, prevention is hard work. Even if your doctor is on your case everyday encouraging you to ditch your bad habits and start eating healthy or exercising, if you choose not to do it, there’s nothing the doc can do.

What’s that got to do with massage therapy you ask? Well, these days, everyone gets paid upfront so there’s none of that retainer stuff going on. Plus, massage therapy has the potential to prevent many serious pain problems. So while doctors can’t really guaranty a lot when it comes to prevention, massage therapy, in some ways, can.