Top 10 Most Expensive SUVs on the Market for 2015

1. Land Rover Range Rover

The version of this mighty vehicle that everybody wants to have is Land Rover Range Rover 5.0L V8 Supercharged Autobiography Black. This SUV is the most expensive one that you can find on the market in 2015, at least currently. Its average price is $186,495.00, and for that amount of money you expect it to have everything included, right? Well, it has everything, and even more. Four wheel ABS and driveline traction control, distance pacing, automatic air conditioning, customized intercooled supercharger, many more additions that will make this vehicle worth your money and the most important thing – a 510 hp supercharged V8!

Apart from the technical things, this car is also very comfortable and if you are going on a road trip with your family, you don’t have to worry about getting uncomfortable or stiff, as the seats are specifically customized for these kinds of rides. As for the safety, this SUV is designed in such a way that even in the case of a car crash, you will be protected. There is an airbag occupancy sensor and all the seats are equipped with an airbag. Furthermore, this SUV is perfect if you are looking to drive through rough terrain, a desert or over mountainous areas. This car represents British excellence and luxury at its best.

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  • imperialebony

    where’s Honda?

  • ehlo

    Subaru outback 2016 gonne be the best suv

  • Flat Steve

    totally missing the Mitsubishi Pajero. One of the best classic 4x4s equal to the Landcruiser, but great as a SUV as well.

  • Shobith K

    where is porche cayenne

  • Scott

    KIA Suv is the way to go.

  • Dom Lavarias

    Porche Cayenne is not SUV. it’s a mid-sized crossover. Only Lexus and Land Cruiser are considered as luxury SUVs of Japanese Technology (Mitsubishi Pajero, Honda Pilot, etc. are of lower end)

  • Benson Simba

    Where is ford SUV!

  • Dragon33

    The presented vehicle is not the M version, but the X6 xDrive50i with a starting pricetag currently set at $74,500.

    According to BMW USA, the BMW X6M is currently priced at $102,200 (excludes destination & handling fee of $995, tax, title, license, and registration).

    • Mcjcare60

      I know, but for fairness and for reliable info, the article should have considered all the top of the line SUVS of the producers involved. Here in Europe, the BMW SUVS are more expensive than that of the Range Rovers. I took this photo at BMW showroom in Munich, Germany.

      • Dragon33

        You are right, we will include the information about the BMW X6M asap.

        In the US prices don’t include taxes, while in Europe they do, so it might seem to you that the prices are much lower in the US.

        • Mcjcare60

          OK. Lets say the 21% tax is included in the pricelist in Europe. €147.000 ($163.000) is €113,000 ($125,000) less 21% tax. Still, BMW X6M is more pricey than what the article stated.

          What I also know is BMW X6 model belongs to crossovers like Porsche Cayenne. BMW SUV is the X5 models.

          • Dragon33

            We understand what you are saying, however, the prices mentioned in the article are according to the official BMW USA website.

            We will also consider adding the BMW X5M model to our list. Thank you for your feedback and for helping us improve our articles.

  • nattymbs320

    The Article is about the most expensive not the best….And their listing is also wrong,…The most expensive SUV for 2015 is the MB G65 at $220K

    • tucakov91

      Yeah, but that’s the MB G65 2016 model that should be on sale this fall. The article is from February, at the time MB hasn’t even announced that a new model was in the making.

  • Deckie Deckie

    1971 Ford Bronco….

  • How can a GMC miss this list? The author must be a propagandist or too naive to make unnecessary mistakes