10 Amazing Ancient Cities Still Alive Today

1. Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem was founded around 2000 BC and is considered one of the oldest cities that ever existed-and still exists. This city has a unique place in history and is considered to be holy by several of the world’s greatest religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It is needless to say that the city has many spiritual and religious sites.

Jerusalem was the original capital of Israel when it was still a kingdom, and for the past 2000 years there has always been at least a small number of Jews living in the Old City of Jerusalem, as it has been the spiritual center of the Jewish people since David, the king of Israel, made it the capital of the Jewish Nation, and the First Temple was built.

Jerusalem, also called the City of David, has been explored since the middle of the 19th century to the present day, and the excavations never seize to amaze the archaeologists and scholars. During its long history, this city has survived many hardships and the fact that it still lives is amazing. It has been attacked 52 times, besieged 23 times and destroyed twice. But it rose from the ashes each time and recovered from the attacks. The city still stands and it kept most of its glory, but it seems that it is in danger of losing its spirit as Jerusalem’s Old City has made it to the list of World Heritage Sites in danger (link). In this case, urban development and tourism have brought a bad fortune upon this city, but hopefully it will still live and remain strong for the future generations to be able to enjoy its beauty and worth.

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