10 Amazing Tips For the Amateur Novelist

Writing a novel is a big task to undertake. You must be equipped with a lot of talent, skill and huge amounts of patience to be able to finish one. There may also be times that you would want to give up. Try out these tips from seasoned writers on how you can successfully write your novel.

You Have to Love What You are Doing

If you think that writing is a job or a chore, you might not have enough patience to finish it. One of the best reasons to continue writing is because this is what you love.

Start with the End

Some people find it easier if they start writing the end of the novel and then just develop the story from there. This might also work for you.

Knowing the Topic

In order for you to convince your reader, you have to make everything realistic and close to home. Do your research and add your imagination to the mix.

Connect With Your Readers

Make them sympathize and feel the characters of your novel. Give them something to think of when they put down your book.

Ask for Feedback

Have a trusted friend or relative read what you’ve written and ask them for their honest opinion. If you think their opinion makes sense, you can incorporate it into your work. Feedback is invaluable.

Organize Your Thoughts

If you have too many ideas for your novel, write each of them down and use them as you progress with the writing. If there are some that you can’t use, keep it. You might need it in the future.

Take a Break

Spending all your day inside your room writing or trying to write does not help at all. Go out, breathe in fresh air and relax. Too much pressure can ruin a writer.

Discipline Yourself

If you think you have the tendency to go overboard and make everything too melodramatic, learn to subdue the urge. Discipline will help you in the long haul.

Accept Mistakes and Failures

This may be hard since you have given yourself in what you wrote. Use these failures as your stepping stone to success instead of thinking of them as obstacles.

Know Your Goal

Keep your eye on the goal. Do not be distracted by external discord. Set your goal and work your way towards it with diligence. This is the only way that you can finish what you have started.


Writing can be both rewarding and frustrating for a person. But these feelings can be used to motivate you to make yourself better and to do more. Failures will inevitably come into the picture but who hasn’t experienced that? Every good novelist knows that writing is almost synonymous to rejection and disappointments. You will experience a lot of it before you can reap the rewards of getting published. Just work on it with all your heart and at the right time, things will fall into place perfectly.