10 Best and Highest Paid Jobs for Slackers

A common belief is that lazy people end up without employment or that even if they get a job, they don’t earn much. But if you’re one of those lazy people, there is no reason for not having a good job where your stress levels won’t be high and where you’ll be able to earn a good salary. Even if you don’t feel like being active at all and you like sleeping for entire days, you can still work- as a sleep study participant, or as a model for marketing beds. Moreover, being lazy doesn’t mean you’re dumb. You could be sitting at home for the whole days, listening to your favorite music, programming and earning lots of money. Doesn’t seem like too much effort, doesn’t it? Not if you have the smarts, at least. There are jobs that require minimal effort, allow you to do what you really like, and enable you to earn a living without being exposed to lots of stress. Here are 10 best and highest paid jobs for slackers.

1. Sleep Tester

You can find such jobs on job ads, and it’s really as god as it sounds, and not as uncommon as you may think. Bed testing is actually a recognized profession, and employees are supposed to check the lighting, the comfort of the pillows, blankets and mattresses as well as to report on how sound-proof the room they spent the night is.

Imagine being paid to nap and lie in a bed. There are companies, hotels and other sorts of accommodations which hire full-time testers, and there are department stores which hire professional bed testers who are there to help the customers choose the right bed for them by sleeping in all the beds there are and choosing the best one according to the customers’ needs and wishes.

If you’re looking for a freelance job while in college, you could rest in a bed while taking a break from studying and get paid to do it.

Here’s an example. A student Roisin Madrigan worked for a luxury bed company in 2009, and her job was to test beds from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. under different conditions. Sometimes she laid into bed after having an alcoholic beverage, sometimes after drinking coffee, and always in different temperature and lighting conditions. If you do this dream job (literally) full-time, you could earn around $71,000 per year.

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