10 Best Places to Retire Abroad

1. Algarve

According to the Retire Overseas Index, published in Live and Invest Overseas, Portugal’s Algarve provides the best overall retirement experience. This region located near the Atlantic Ocean has become home for more than 100,000 retirees from America and more are expected to move there, as it is considered the best place in the world to spend your retirement days.

Algarve is a good representative of the European culture, containing many medieval towns, local wine of great quality, open air markets and some of the most wonderful sandy beaches in all of Europe.

However, you will not retire somewhere just because of the beaches and cultural monuments, you need to be more practical. One very important factor is the weather – and here it is great. This region has one of the world’s most stable climates with more sunny days than anywhere else in Europe.

When it comes to health care – Algarve meets the international standard, and it keeps getting better. What you always have to take into consideration, not only when you are moving somewhere, but also when travelling for a vacation, is the language and culture of the place you are going to. You don’t want to go to a place where you will not be able to communicate and get around. Well, here you don’t have to worry about this, as English is very widely spoken in Algarve and almost everyone will understand you.

Living in Algarve can be considered healthy, as the Portuguese eat lots of fish and you can always find a great variety of fresh fish at the markets. Also, as there is plenty of sunshine, there is plenty of fresh produce as well. As for the prices, living in Portugal is considered as the cheapest in Western Europe, and a retired couple can live here comfortably with an average income.

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