10 Best Places to Retire Abroad

2. Buenos Aires

Argentina has been one of the favorite places of retirees for a long time now. Even though the economy has changed recently and the cost of living is now a little higher, this has not made Argentina any less popular. This land of tango and rich European culture and ambience remains as attractive as ever.

However, there are some places in Argentina that can be said to be “the full package”, as the cost of living is lower than in some other parts of the country. The capital city, Buenos Aires, has a lot to offer – most of all a rich cultural life, as there are numerous historical sites, wonderful cathedrals and opera houses. Besides being a desirable place for retirees to move and live in, this city is also a popular tourist destination, mostly because of its world-renowned resorts and beaches.

Buenos Aires offers a good life for retired people at affordable prices. The city is divided into neighborhoods, where Recoleta, Barrio Norte, Puerto Madryn and Palermo are considered to be the best areas for expats, i.e. retirees from abroad. Most of these neighborhoods have parks, great restaurants and shops.

This city has a pleasant climate, but what makes it distinct is the fact that the seasons are reversed (as Buenos Aires is in the other hemisphere), and the warmest weather is from December to March, while winter lasts from June to September.

As for the crime rates, Buenos Aires is considered to be a relatively safe city. Medical facilities, including both public and private hospitals, are excellent and the health care is affordable and well provided, which makes this city more than suitable for retirees.

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