10 Celebrities that Should NEVER Be Behind the Wheel

Our dear celebrities may be excellent at their job, but just like us, they’re sometimes terrible drivers. Only when they destroy cars, they destroy hundreds of thousands worth of cars. And when they do something bad, they can usually get away with it more easily. These 10 celebrities are such bad drivers that they should really consider getting drivers instead of driving themselves.

1. Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin is a great comedian, but unfortunately, not such a great driver. The man managed to crash a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo to the point of not resembling a car anymore. Griffin was doing a promotional charity race for his new movie Redline where he was supposed to drive this dream car. But while he was practicing, the actor drove into a concrete barrier of the track and completely destroyed the car.

Luckily, Griffin got out without a scratch but the producer of Redline, Daniel Sadek, whose car he was driving was almost brought to tears when he saw his precious four-wheeler totaled. There was speculation that the crash was a publicity stunt to promote the movie, but Griffin and the producers denied it. The wrecked Ferrari was repaired in the end, but it’s safe to say that Griffin should definitely not be allowed to drive – at least not such expensive, and someone else’s cars.

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