10 Celebrities who Died Young

When a tragedy strikes, not even Hollywood is safe. These stars were too young when their hour came. And while some of them died due to their own reckless behavior, others were victims of fatal tragedies. These 10 talented celebrities died unexpectedly at an early age and left the world in shock.

1. Brittany Murphy

The star of cult teenage movie Clueless and other successful movies such as 8 Mile and Happy Feet died when she was just 32. The adorable actress was found collapsed in her bathroom where the firefighters arrived and tried to resuscitate her. Murphy was rushed to the hospital but she died shortly after of cardiac arrest.

Even though the cause of death was cited the combination of pneumonia and a prescription drug overdose, there was some speculation about a conspiracy that might have had something to do with hear sudden death. Not even a year later, Brittany’s widower Simon Monjack was also found dead with the same cause of death. It was later revealed that it was toxic mold that killed both of the spouses.

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