10 Celebs Who Lied about Their Age

Considering how age is extremely important in Hollywood, it’s no surprise that some celebrities decided to skip the truth and tell a white lie making themselves younger.

But there are some stars on our list that lied they were older in order to get a certain gig. In any way, age is a touchy subject, especially for women all around the world, so we won’t blame these 10 stars too much for lying.

1. Jennifer Lopez

While some other stars shamelessly shaved 5 and more years off their real age, Jenny was humble so she only took it down a notch and said she was one year younger than she really was.

It was after a shooting in a New York club when Jennifer and her then-boyfriend Sean Diddy Combs were questioned by the police and the singer had to admit that her real year of birth wasn’t 1970, but 1969. Well, no big deal. Besides, J. Lo. is 46 now, but she could easily pass for a 30-year-old.

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