10 Creepiest Unresolved Mysteries

If you weren’t planning on sleeping tonight, buckle up and keep on reading. These 8 unresolved mysteries are bound to chill your blood. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. Flannan Isles Disappearance

The Flannan Isles are a group of isolated islands off the coast of Scotland. The only three people on the island were the lighthouse keepers who had the responsible job of navigating ships.

However, that day in 1900, a ship was approaching the island, but the lighthouse was unusually dark. The crew went to the island to investigate but there was no trace of the three lighthouse keepers. The clocks were stopped, beds were unmade and there was a cold meal lying on the table. But the creepiest part is the log that the keepers kept. It described the situation that preceded their disappearance as horrific, making two of the keepers cry and the third one silent for hours.

It was all because of a mysterious terrible storm approaching them, and by the look of it, it wasn’t a regular storm. But the last log entry stated that: “The storm has passed, the skies are calm, God is over all”. So a possible explanation is that the men got swept out to sea.

Except, according to the records – there was no storm that day.

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