15 Cuddliest Dog Breeds Ever

1. Pug

Pugs are affectionate, cuddly and sweet dogs who like to carry themselves with dignity. Their face with deep wrinkles and big dark eyes will not leave you feeling indifferent and they will surely make you smile. This breed of dogs was bred for Chinese nobility, but nowadays they are a part of many families where they follow their beloved owners every step they make.

Pugs are generally very loveable and gentle and many of them are lickers – they will spend most of their time licking themselves, people, but also objects such as pillows and carpets. That is a part of their personality and you can’t do much about it. Pugs have a very inquisitive nature, and they will eat anything, even the things you don’t consider edible. But overall, this bread is very affectionate and loyal, and you can’t help but see them as charming and cute; they are also very playful and mischievous (and sometimes very stubborn), which can make their training challenging, but it is definitely worth it as you get a cuddly loving friend who will never leave your side.

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  1. My son has a boxer. He holders her like a baby. She worships and ground he walks on and loves his daughter beyond reality.

  2. Come on, where is the blood hound? Im
    Talking about miles and miles of ears and
    Loose wrinkles, and a big juicy nose. These
    Folks know nothing about dogs.

  3. Chinese Crested hands down.

  4. I have a Pit/mix…The most cuddliest dog ever….

  5. I have a goldendoodle, named Zeus, loves to cuddle! he is my baby!

  6. Bobster Bissette

    Where’s the golden retriever?