15 Cuddliest Dog Breeds Ever

2. Skye Terrier

This breed of dog was first a hunter on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, and it stayed as such for around 400 years, after which it became popular as a pet of nobility. Sky Terrier is usually a very well tempered dog, friendly and very devoted to its human friends. They are basically always happy and joyful, but they are also fearless and self-assured and their attitude makes up for their small size.

They are very attached to their human family, but get very cautious around strangers. These dogs like to cuddle very much and they expect their well deserved cuddling time, your affection and attention, as well as respect. If you happen to deny them your attention when they ask for it, they will show you that they are dissatisfied by chewing your things, digging or barking. They are not shy when it comes to expressing their irritation. Skye Terrier is a very grateful dog. They will give you as much as you give them regarding affection, attention and respect. They will be there to make you laugh, but also to comfort you when you’re down.

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  1. My son has a boxer. He holders her like a baby. She worships and ground he walks on and loves his daughter beyond reality.

  2. Come on, where is the blood hound? Im
    Talking about miles and miles of ears and
    Loose wrinkles, and a big juicy nose. These
    Folks know nothing about dogs.

  3. Chinese Crested hands down.

  4. I have a Pit/mix…The most cuddliest dog ever….

  5. I have a goldendoodle, named Zeus, loves to cuddle! he is my baby!

  6. Bobster Bissette

    Where’s the golden retriever?