10 Foods That Remove Wrinkles

As the years pass by and we get older, our skin doesn’t really keep our age a secret and that is something that most of us would like to change. That is why, when we get to a certain age and wrinkles start to show or have already covered most of our face, many of us start looking for a solution for this pesky and ugly problem.

Robin Ashinoff, MD, a dermatologist in New Jersey’s Hackensack University Medical Center, believes that people can really look much younger than they are with the help of all the information available at the present time, as well as the new technologies we can access these days. Besides using the various anti-wrinkle creams, undergoing plastic surgeries and avoiding bad habits (such as smoking or squinting), there are also some other ways to prevent the appearance and reduce the existing wrinkles. There are some foods that can help you to significantly reduce wrinkles and make your face more elastic and youthful.

Of course, eating a well-balanced diet can contribute to your skin looking beautiful and young, but some foods simply must be introduced into the daily diet as they are rich in antioxidants that act as anti-wrinkle soldiers because they fight the free radicals that damage the collagen and elastic tissue that keep our skin youthful. First of all, in order to keep the elasticity of your skin as long as possible, you need to drink plenty of water, meaning at least 6 glasses, but 8 would be ideal.  Moreover, eating foods rich in antioxidants is maybe the easiest and most effective way of improving your health and looks.

As for the foods that will remove wrinkles from your face and make you look as young as you feel, they are the following:

Salmon. Almost all fish are good for anti-wrinkling, but salmon in particular. It contains a good amount of omega 6-fatty acids that moisturize the skin and protect it from sunburns, as well as from premature aging signs. Salmon also contains a carotenoid, astaxanthin, which is a very powerful antioxidant and helps in protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays. Eating salmon (or other kinds of fish) twice a week can be very beneficial for your skin and overall health, but the FDA doesn’t recommend consuming it more often than that.

Soy. A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition showed that a food supplement based on soy successfully improved the structure and firmness of skin in only 6 months of regular use. Other ingredients in this supplement included fish protein, tomato, several vitamins, and extracts from white tea. Soybeans are considered an anti-wrinkle food because one of its most important components are the same amino acids as in eggs (glycine, proline and lycine), which help prevent wrinkling. However, soy should be consumed in moderation, as it may increase the risk of breast cancer if consumed in large amounts. Up to two servings a day is a good amount of this food.

Blueberries. These super fruits are one of the best fruits that help in the battle against long-term cell damage. This is the case because they contain very powerful antioxidants that promote the protection of skin against the negative influences from the environment. It is easy to introduce these fruits into your daily diet – you can put some into your oatmeal or cereal in the morning, or make it a part of a delicious fruit salad.

Nuts and seeds. As we age, our skin produces less oil and gets dry and easy to damage. That is why it is important to take in some healthy fats that will naturally promote the oiling of the skin and reduce the risk of wrinkling and skin damage. Omega 3-fats are the best fats to battle with many health issues, and in this case with wrinkles as well. Eating more nuts and seeds will provide your body with these healthy fats and your skin will be more elastic which will help with your wrinkle situation –whether it is reducing these lines or preventing their appearance.

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