10 Foods That Remove Wrinkles

Avocado. It has long been known that avocado contributes to gaining and maintaining healthy skin. This is because it contains high levels of vitamin C, E and B that protect the skin from negative influences from the environment and make it more beautiful. Besides that, avocado is packed with fatty acids that help the skin stay moisturized and elastic thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Other than helping the skin stay beautiful, avocado is also generally beneficial for our overall health, and they are usually very low in harmful substances.

Eggs. If you didn’t know, eating protein can help you prevent wrinkling, or make the existing wrinkles less visible. This is why eggs are considered one of the greatest anti-wrinkle foods – because they contain high levels of protein. Besides that, eggs also contain glycine, proline and lycine – the best amino acids for fighting against wrinkles. These amino acids improve the stretchiness and elasticity of the skin because they promote the production of collagen and elastin, whose production is normally reduced with aging.

Carrots. Vitamin A that carrots are so rich in helps heal the skin and prevent cell damage. Carrots also contain a great amount of beta-carotene which protects the skin from free radical damage which happens when we are exposed to sun for longer periods of time. Another useful nutrient from carrots that aids the fight against wrinkles is vitamin C. To make sure you get all these nutrients when eating carrots, make sure you buy organic ones, as they are naturally grown and contain higher levels of vitamins and useful substances, and less of the harmful ones.

Tomatoes. They are rich in nutrients that help prevent and reduce the number of wrinkles, and this puts them on the list of the best anti-wrinkle foods. Tomatoes are packed with lycopene, which protects the skin from the potential damage of UV lights. Professor Mark Mirch-Machin from the Newcastle University stated that eating tomatoes can help the skin stay protected against the sun rays. A study conducted at the same university showed that people who eat 55g of standard tomato paste have 33% more protection against sunburn than those who don’t consume tomatoes. Besides that, tomato gives the skin more structure and contributes to its firmness.

Asparagus. Besides being a delicious and powerful aid in weight loss and health improvement, this vegetable is a great anti-wrinkle food. A study published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition, showed that people who ate asparagus regularly tend to have less wrinkles than those who don’t eat it. The same goes for those who choose healthy food options instead of pastries and sugar.

Broccoli. This vegetable is packed with vitamin C, beta-carotene and coenzyme Q10 – and all of these ingredients prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and reduce the existing ones. Besides that, by eating more broccoli on a daily basis you will improve your overall health as well, and not just your beauty. You can get the most out of broccoli if you choose the organically grown ones as they contain more nutrients and less harmful substances. Also, by eating it raw or steamed, you can get more vitamin C and coenzyme Q10 out of it, because some of them get lost in the process of cooking.

We can sum it up in one sentence – “We are what we eat”. Every day we make choices that affect our health and our beauty, and I don’t know about you, but this author thinks that good health and natural beauty is the best combination ever.