10 Great Ideas for Decorating Your Kids’ Rooms

Your kid’s room is a space for imagination and creativity. It’s the place where they read stories, do their assignments, play with their toys, and slowly grow up. It’s also a place that can be such a mess every day. While decorating your little one’s personal space can be a challenge, it can also be a lot of fun when you do it with your kid. Here are great ideas that will not only brighten your kid’s room but also make it well organized.

1. Choose the theme and color with your kids 

Your kid probably has a dream bedroom in his/her mind even before you decide to decorate the bedroom. The first step in decorating your kid’s room is to talk to your kid about his/her creative ideas to create the ideal personal space. Kids usually enjoy bright colors in their bedroom together with some fun themes. Find a compromise that will still reflect your child’s imagination but also address their needs. Your child may suggest general themes such as space or music while others tend to focus on a specific cartoon character or concept. Guide them as you go along so you can manage their expectations once you start decorating their bedroom. Spend enough time when choosing your theme as your child will be creating lots of memories in the bedroom.

2. Create personalized crafts

What makes your kid’s bedroom a fun place is filling it with personalized decors. Remember that shirt your kid loved wearing but doesn’t fit anymore? Turn it into a pillow! Re-purpose those old shirts and jackets into keepsake pillows your kid will love. If you have a pile of your child’s artworks, install clipboards on the wall to quickly display them or create an artwork chandelier to hang up on the ceiling. You can also install a custom headboard that you and your kid designed.

3. Install fun nightlights and reading lamps 

Lamps can be both functional and decorative in your kid’s bedroom. Nightlights and reading lamps now come in a wide variety of design to match your chosen theme. You are no longer stuck with lava lamps. Get a lighthouse night lamp for your nautical theme or a purple butterfly lamp for your little girl. There is a lamp for any theme you have in mind so choose the one that will match your kid’s bedroom perfectly. They will literally lighten up your child’s bedroom.                                                                                                                                                           

4. Install learning tools all over the room 

Since your kids will be spending most of their time in the room, make sure you have learning tools installed all over it. It would be fun to dedicate one corner as their reading and learning center but putting up an alphabet map or a number guide also helps. If you have a cubby system, you can arrange it alphabetically or with numbers. Installing a world map will not only spark the adventurer in your kids but also broaden their horizons. Decorate walls with monograms and icons (name of kid or photos of their favorite superhero or cartoon character).

5. Create an imaginary world with wall decals 

Wall decals are stickers made from vinyl that you attach on your smooth walls. Wall decals are usually sold in a set with different colors and textures. Some are even glow in the dark or sparkle with glitter. They can also feature a specific imagery, like Paris or a lovely sunny day on the beach – they can also feature your kid’s favorite cartoon series or video game. Installing wall decals will bring your kid’s themed bedroom to the next level. The great thing about them is that they are easy to peel, stick or remove! No need to worry about your child’s changing taste.

6. Create a swing to store your child’s stuffed toys 

Your child probably has a lot of stuffed toys that are scattered all over the room. Create a swing and hang the stuffed toys as a great and creative solution to this problem! It will keep the stuffed toys away from the floor but still be visible at all times. This solution works only if your kid is old enough to avoid being strangled from the ropes or climbing the swing. If you still have a toddler, a custom wooden cage or wooden garden baskets are a better storage solution.

7. Paint your wall or door with chalkboard paint 

Drawing with chalk is not just for school. Choose a wall or door that you can coat with chalkboard paint to unleash your child’s creativity. You can write their daily schedule which they can see every morning. You can also spend weekends drawing with your kids on this massive canvass. If you’re worried about the chalk dust, then consider having a drawing board with large sheets of paper installed in the room.

8. Install a wall-mounted desk 

A wall-mounted desk is easy to put away once your kid is done with his/her homework or playtime. It will not occupy too much space in the bedroom and can keep your kid’s things hidden when not in use. When positioned at the right height, your kid can use it even when standing up. If you want more functionality, paint the bottom with chalkboard paint or stick a world map that will show when the desk is folded.

9. Install a growth chart 

The days of using marker lines at the side of the door or closet just to measure your kid’s height are gone. There are now adorable growth chart ideas you can use to mark your kid’s fast growth. You can have a handprint chart wherein you trace your kid’s hand and measure his/her current height. You can get a long piece of wood and draw a yardstick or tree design. Choose a chart that will match your child’s theme.

10. Enlarge your favorite photos 

Instead of hanging random colorful photos, why not enlarge your favorite photos and frame them? For a more striking piece of art, cut the photo into sections and place them into separate frames.