10 Important Facts You Must Know Before You Start Running

Running is one of the most effective ways to lose weight for both women, it is really effective to flatten your tummy, however, we should be aware about the things that we need to do before doing this activity.

  1. One of the stress reliever is running, if you are married and has children; this is the best thing to do. Running gives your freedom and you can avoid over thinking, instead this will give you time for yourself and you can benefit from this.
  1. Don’t think that this is a competition; in the first place, you don’t need to do that because you don’t have any opponent. You will run for yourself. Take time in running, stop if you feel that you are tired, and then you can begin again.
  1. You can get dirty when you run, so you need to think about this first before you do this activity. Being dirty is fun and an adventure for you. While you are running you can see the sceneries and enjoy the wind touching your body.
  1. Concentration takes place when you run; you set goal and a method of training. You need to focus more on the road that you are taking. Never mind what the people will think about you what matters most is that you are enjoying and finishing your goal.
  1. Running doesn’t mean to be alone; you can bring your friends and have a group. It should be fun when you have someone who will accompany you. Don’t compete with them but just take time and have fun with your friends while you are running with them.
  1. Wearing headphone is not advisable when you run. There are a lot of attackers out there and their target will be the one whom they can see as vulnerable. Many people listen to music while running but you still need to think about your safety.
  1. If you will join a marathon don’t wear your favorite color unless it’s color red. Study shows that a person who wears red color shirt have a chance to win in marathon than any other colors. Red color will be the best shirt for this occasion.
  1. No matter how slow or how fast you are running, you can still burn calories. Remember that running doesn’t require you to run fast or either to run slow. It will still help you to lose weight and to burn calories. Just take time running.
  1. Another benefit of running is that it can help a woman to decrease the risk of having breast and uterine cancer and it also decrease the risk of becoming diabetic because studies shows that a woman small potent form of estrogen. The more you run the lesser the risk.

Run with your dog, this will serve as your companion, partner and a protector from bad people who want to harm you while you are running. Having dog will be a good motivator for you. The best running companion is a dog with a hunting breed.