10 Most and Least Charitable Countries in the World

The World Giving Index for the year 2014 has been published, and the reports show the charitable behavior of the countries of the world during the past year. The goal of the study is coming up with rankings by using information gathered from Gallup’s World View World Poll, with focus on how much money people donate, how much time they spend volunteering and how much they help strangers. Considering all of these three factors, CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) comprises a list of the most charitable countries in the world each year. Here is the list of the 10 most charitable countries in the world, after which there will be a list of the 10 least charitable ones.

10 Most Charitable Countries in the World

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1) Myanmar and U.S. These two countries share first place since they both achieved a score of 64% in the World Giving Index, which is the highest score on record. This score ranks them at the top as the most generous countries in the world. As for helping a stranger, the U.S. is somewhat more charitable, while Myanmar has a higher score for donating money, and for volunteering time.

3) Canada ranks right below Myanmar and U.S. with the World Giving Index score of 60%, and is better than Myanmar when it comes to helping strangers, and better than the U.S. for donating money and equal for volunteering time.

4) Ireland shares the same World Giving Score with Canada, it is slightly worse for volunteering time and helping a stranger, and has a slightly higher score for donating money.

5) New Zealand isn’t much worse than Ireland, as its World Giving Score is 58%. New Zealand is better than Ireland in donating money and slightly worse in other two categories.

6) Australia has the World Giving score of 56%, a lower score than New Zealand for helping a stranger and volunteering time, and a higher score for donating money.

7) Malaysia has only a slightly lower score than Australia, and is slightly worse in all three categories.

8) United Kingdom has a score of 55%, same as Malaysia, and when it comes to donating money it ranks on the top together with Ireland and Myanmar. In the other two categories, UK is a little lower in score than Malaysia, but still is pretty high.

9) Sri Lanka is almost equal in score to Malaysia and UK, only lower by 1%. People in this country volunteer more than people of all the countries previously mentioned, except Myanmar which is higher in score by 1%.

10) Trinidad and Tobago have the same World Giving Index score as Sri Lanka, and together with U.S. rank on the top for helping a stranger. When it comes to donating money, they have the lowest score compared to other countries on this list (only 49%), and the second lowest score for volunteering time (37%)

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