10 Most and Least Charitable Countries in the World

Based on the same criteria, a list of 10 least charitable countries was comprised. (The data is provided on the link above)

1) Montenegro, according to the reports published by CAF, is at the top of this list as the least charitable county in the world, with the World Giving Index Score of 13%, very little time spent volunteering (only 5%) and almost no money donated (only 10%). This country is slightly more charitable when it comes to helping a stranger (23%).

2) Greece can be put in the same place as Montenegro, with the same World Giving Index Score, a little higher score for helping a stranger, and slightly lower scores for donating money and volunteering time.

3) Albania holds the same score as the first two countries, so it can also be said to be the least charitable country in the world. It has the same score as Montenegro for helping a stranger, lower by 1% for donating money, and higher by 2% for volunteering time.

4) Togo is the fourth country that has the lowest score (13%) and could be put in the first place as the least charitable one. As for all three categories, it doesn’t differ much from the other first three least charitable countries.

5) Rwanda shares the same lowest score, and doesn’t differ much in the three categories.

6) China is the last one with such a low score, and scores slightly higher (26%) for helping a stranger than the other least charitable countries.

7) Burundi finally scores a little higher in the World Giving Index, but only by 1%. This score has been raised by achieving a higher score (28%) for helping a stranger. The other two categories are not too different from the scores of the above mentioned countries.

8) Turkey follows this progress, and it is better than Burundi by 1%, with the World Giving Index score of 15% due to a relatively high score (31%) for helping a stranger, considering that this is one of the least charitable countries in the world.

9) Serbia is on the same level as Turkey when looking at the World Giving Index Score of 15%. Serbia donates a little more money than the other countries on this list (13%), volunteers a little less (3%) and for helping a stranger it is only slightly worse than Turkey.

10) Bulgaria shares the same World Giving Index Score as Serbia and Turkey, and the same score as Turkey in all three categories.

The fact that these countries are among the least charitable ones doesn’t have to mean that the countries intentionally refuse to help, but it may be due to the bad economic state of the countries in question. However, since more and more countries need help, it is important that even these countries get involved, at least by volunteering if not in other categories.