10 Most Overrated Tourist Destinations

You have saved money, you have taken vacation days, packed your suitcases, hopped on a plane and decided to cross miles and miles to get there. But when you finally arrive, you know it will all be worth the trouble for that feeling that only a trip to a fantastic destination can bring. But what happens when your expectations are not met? When you get there all excited only to realize the place isn’t nearly as fantastic as you thought it would be? Well, it doesn’t happen very often and it’s certainly a subjective opinion, but according to the tourists, these are the places you should steer clear from.

1. Los Angeles, U.S.

It is clear to see why you would be tempted to visit. Los Angeles is after all the city where dreams come true. It is a magical place where celebrities walk side by side with common people, where something exciting is happening at every corner. Well, all of this is hardly the case.

Yes, Hollywood is just around the corner but your chances of encountering a celebrity are slim to none. And if you’re there to enjoy the beauty of the city itself, you will be in for another surprise – you will have to spend three hours in traffic in order to get to wherever you’re going. Not only is the traffic a catastrophe, so is the public transport. Sure, the beach may be just like you saw it on TV, but it is all to compensate for the lack of cultural content in the city.

Another thing that may be luring you to visit is the magnificent nightlife. You have to be extremely lucky to have a good time and prepare your wallet because nothing in LA comes cheap. But the most overrated thing in LA is the Walk of Fame. You will sooner see hookers and hobos here than a star. Even though it’s harsh, some disappointed visitors have simply called this city “a dump”.

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