10 Most US-Friendly Countries in The World

When you plan on travelling abroad, you usually consider the activities you can do and the places you can visit, right? But there is another factor that you might need to consider when visiting a foreign place, how friendly the locals will be. Friendly locals will be a great help in ensuring a successful vacation for you. Do you know the friendliest beautiful countries that you can visit? Read on to know more.

New Zealand

This country has been consistently included in the list of visitor –friendly countries. It has also one of the lowest crime rates all over the world. Many people have even migrated to this country because of its beauty and economic situation.

Burkina Faso

Even though Burkina Faso in Africa is not quite rich, the attitude of its locals is ideal for tourists. There are also a lot of beautiful places that you can visit on top of the friendly people living there.


This country is very close to Spain and is also a good tourist destination due to its lovely historical ambiance and people who are willing to help tourists at all times. When you get tired of the old-school feel, there are also more modern places that you can enjoy.


This is a wonderful country to visit because of the people who have roots based on a lot of myths, legends and fairytales. They are more than happy to share a tale or two to any stranger in their country.


Hospitality in this country is very apparent once you set foot in their airport. They welcome you like one of them and there are many tourists that you really couldn’t tell who the locals are or not.


Another country in the African region, this country has a lot to offer to tourists. More than the place, the friendly atmosphere can make you want to stay forever. This is a perfect example of old-world meats modern-world.


You may think that Iceland is a very cold place, but the cold temperature compensates for the warmest welcome you can get anywhere. Also the fact that they have wonderfully warm baths and springs that you can enjoy.


How can you not fall in love with a country that has old castles and breathtaking beaches combined together? Locals and travellers alike are very much enamored with this place.


Do you like outdoor activities? The locals will be more than happy to accompany you on skiing, hiking or even visiting archeological sites all over the country.


Wherever you may go, getting to know the people and the culture is what really stays in your memory. The memories on how you were treated when you were lost, or when you checked into your hotel will always form a part of your unforgettable adventure. You don’t have to feel lost and lonely when you travel because these places are meant to embrace you and welcome you just like family.