10 Warning Signs of Horrible Landlords

When it comes to landlords, there are good ones and there are really bad and horrible ones. Almost everyone has a story to tell about landlords barging in without warning, often at weird times, too. There are those who refuse to repair anything that’s broken in the house or apartment. And there are those that are the stuff horror stories are made of.

So before moving into a new property, it’s best to identify if a horrible landlord is included in the package. You really don’t want to be giving precious rent money to someone that could potentially make your life hell, do you?

If you’re in the market for a new place, keep an eye out for the following horrible landlord signs and maybe save yourself the trouble.

1. A big deposit

You know what’s a definite sign that the landlord (or landlady) is going to be bad? Two words. Huge. Deposit.

When it comes to what’s considered “huge,” it helps to know your market. So check out the surrounding area first and do your research. For all you know, the rent is actually at par with the rest of the apartments in the area. But if you’ve already done your homework and the deposit still seems too high, then proceed with caution.

Sure, sometimes a landlord will ask for a high security deposit because he’s had inconsiderate tenants who trashed the place before, or left an awful mess. It could also be that he’s had tenants moving out in the middle of the night. Landlords obviously don’t take kindly to things like that.

Of course, it could entirely be possible that those previous tenants moved without notice because they couldn’t stand the landlord anymore. It could easily be a case of the landlord asking for a high security deposit because he knows the conditions are terrible. And it’s fairly common not to return deposits. Again, when it comes to this, it’s always best to proceed carefully.

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