10 Ways to Help Your Child Reach Full Potential

First 10 years of your child’s life are critical for starting to learn and develop new skills.As parents, we often watch our children grow and admire their intelligence from a young age but we wonder if they will be able to reach their full potential and what role we have in that process.  Your children learns from everything around them, you just need to help them and encourage them as they go.

1. Enough sleep

It should go without saying that kids should get enough sleep. When you’re a child, world is a magical place and you never want your day to end as there’s so much to do instead of sleeping. But as a parent, you should be strict when it comes to the sleeping schedule.

Your child should go to bed early and stick with it, especially if there’s an important day at school tomorrow. Benefits of sleep on our brain and children’s cognitive development are multiple, while sleep also improves attention and helps retain learned information. According to studies, there is a correlation between sleep and grades, with those kids who slept 15 minutes longer had better grades than the other ones.

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