10 Weirdest Auto Insurance Claims

When something happens to your car, it usually isn’t funny. But wait till you hear what happened to these people. Auto insurance companies sure have heard some outrageous claims, but these must be the weirdest of them all.

1. Swimming Car

Well, we know cars can’t actually swim, or float for that matter, so this one went straight to the bottom of the pool in the backyard of a fancy mansion. The scenario is pretty clear – the driver was definitely drunk out of his or her senses and instead of driving into the garage he, or she, made a wrong turn and ended up in the pool.

Either that or somebody had a really twisted sense of humor and tried to prank the car owner. Whoever had to pick up the phone and call the auto insurance company didn’t have an easy task, because you can’t really get out of this one. You can try to get some insurance money, but good luck explaining how this “accident” happened. At least the owners seem rich enough to cover the expenses.

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