11 Greed Fueled Medical Myths

At these times, a bunch of medical research evidence is faked or misleading, and published so that the general public would be convinced in the effectiveness and benefits of a certain medical procedure, drug or method, all in order to make people spend their money where they want them to.

Dr. John Ioannidis, a well known meta-researcher who is also one of the greatest experts when it comes to credibility of medical research, alongside his team, has found on many occasions that most published medical studies, which doctors refer to when prescribing certain drugs to their patients, are misleading and wrong and around 90% of all published medical information is flawed.

All for the sake of selling their products more easily or getting people to undergo a certain surgery, or treat their high blood pressure in a certain way.

Ioannidis noticed this problem for the first time when he was a young researcher at Harvard, in the 1990s. He was working on diagnostics for rare diseases which were then usually brought based upon intuition because there wasn’t enough information. But Ioannidis also noticed that doctors diagnose illnesses the same way even when there is enough data, and they did so even for cancer, heart disease and all sorts of common diseases.

Most of the research published was unscientific and based on observations and opinions. Even though some doctors and researchers are trying to fight for ‘evidence-based medicine’ and relevant research with no lies, most researchers still fake their results for the sake of profit.

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