11 Ways to Earn Money Online – No Investments Required 

We live in a world where resourcefulness is more profitable than education and the Internet has become one of the largest markets out there, attractive for everyone who wants to make easy money. However, most of the easy opportunities you come by are fake, and those safer require a considerable amount of knowledge of internet marketing or a serious investment. But before you get discouraged, it’s actually possible to earn money online without investment – you just need to know where to look.

1. Become a blogger

If you’re a good writer and you think that your content may attract a lot of readers, why not starting your own blog? This is a very popular way of earning money online lately, so you’ll have to be interesting and unique enough to attract the attention.

Blogger allows you to make a blog in five minutes without a fuss and there are websites that can help you make money off advertisements. Google AdSense is one of these convenient websites that allows advertisements on your blog and you get paid every time somebody clicks on an ad. However, you can’t really control the nature of the ads. You can also have an affiliate website or sell some products on your blog by referring to the items and putting affiliate links.

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