12 Decisions that Can Make or Break Your Career 

It is very likely you will encounter many choices during your career but those most important ones actually concern you and your own attitude towards work. In trying times, will you choose to persist or will you give up? Will you be too proud or will you be able to ask for help from others? There are turning points in our careers when we need to make these and similar decisions, but we also need to be able to make the right decisions on a daily basis.

1. Risking

Risking is absolutely crucial when it comes to any kind of career path. It is that one risk that separates you from great success or great failure. But, risking is an inseparable part or life and work. Only when you get outside of your comfort zone will you be able to really live and really strive in work.

So you need to know when to take that risk and expect high reward; you need to know when the right time for putting everything on the line is. But it’s not only about big risks – leaving your current job for another one, moving to another country, etc – work consists of lots of small risks almost every day and you need to be able to approach them confidently.

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