12 Male Celebrities Who Had Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has been there to help stars get ahead with their careers for decades. Younger and older celebrities have gone under the knife to satisfy the insanely high beauty standards in Hollywood. But when you think of liposuction, nose jobs and facelifts, you will probably think of women. However, it’s not only women that undergo these proceduers. Male celebrities are just as self-conscious about their looks. Here are 12 male stars who have had plastic surgery.

1. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, who you may know as that vicious judge on The X Factor is now one of the richest men on television. 56-year-old music producer has discovered and mentored numerous stars and bands such as even the amazingly popular One Direction. But this harsh British guy has been around since the early 80s and we would think that the time has definitely taken its toll on him.

But when you look at him, you wouldn’t notice it, as he seems to never age. His face is fresh and wrinkle free and he admitted that he uses Botox to help him stay young-looking. But last year, he was spotted with a suspicious-looking bandage behind his left ear which suggests a facelift procedure. Cowell’s rep claimed that the star “cut himself by accident” and that there was no word of surgery.

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