13 World’s Greenest Cities

2. Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and (similarly to Stockholm) is very densely populated. To reduce the pollution which can be a serious problem when a city is this populated, around 50% of the inhabitants of Barcelona go on foot or bicycle, and only around 20% of people use motorized vehicles (cars, motorcycles) for commuting to the town centre. The public bike sharing system, used by both rich and poor, has been proven to be a great success in the process of nature and environment conservation. What enables this low usage of cars and motorbikes and decreases the city’s pollution is the well developed public transport network, which consists of a metro, good bus lines, two tram networks, cable cars, etc.

Barcelona’s government, businesses and residents joined their forces to improve lifestyles in the city and make them more sustainable, especially through energy conservation. Namely, Barcelona is working towards making the use of solar energy more efficient, and trying to convince the rest of the EU to do the same. Barcelona’s activists successfully reached the corporations as well as local residents which greatly helped in the creation of a solar powered city that now serves as an exquisite example to other cities in the world.  Barcelona is covered by 113.000 square foot of solar panel, which supplies the public with electricity and significantly reduces carbon emissions.

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