14 Celebrity Couples That Enjoy Open Relationships

Open relationships could be scary if you don’t know what you’re doing, and could be great if you do. Considering its rules, an open relationship may not be for everyone, but these celebrity couples reveal that it works for them for years.

Without placing the restriction of faithfulness on their partners, these celebrities seem to enjoy freedom even though they are in a happy marriage or long-term relationship. The following celebrity couples appear to enjoy the concept of the open marriage or open relationship.

1. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

This rock-solid couple has been going strong for some time and it seems that one of their secrets may be the willingness to be open. Jolie has stated that fidelity wasn’t “absolutely essential for a relationship.” Since this pair is always in the spotlight, it’s not shocking that they are frequently in the news for potential new love interests.

However, the two appear as close as ever in just as many reports. Media reports paint them as a very loving and supportive couple that does put their family first. Jolie has also said that though they live together, they aren’t “chained” together. However, recent reports have also suggested that Jolie wasn’t altogether pleased that Pitt appeared to be enamored with the young actress Lupito Nyong’o. It may be that the chemistry for these couples works best when they simply don’t know about other partners or romantic interests.

This pair has been navigating their relationship for something and managing their children into the mix. If they are having an open relationship, people don’t really know how open the door is. Jolie has also been rumored to have other loves interests–both men and women. Yet so long as she insists that fidelity isn’t a priority, many people will surmise that a little bit of playing around is ok for this pair so long as they still maintain their relationship as a priority.

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