15 Annual Home Maintenance Tasks

Homeowners know that keeping the home in tip-top shape is never an easy task. It is a task that requires you to be vigilant and always ready to act. In many cases, being proactive works better than being reactive.

They say prevention is better than cure and that’s certainly true even for houses. It’s always so much better to anticipate the possible problems and prevent them instead of waiting for them to happen.

This is where keeping a home maintenance checklist comes in handy. If you want your maintenance tasks to be easier and more organized, these are the 15 home maintenance tasks that you need to do every year.

1. Air Ducts

All air ducts within the home must be regularly inspected and cleaned. This can be done by a professional or by yourself every year.

2. Appliances

Appliances, especially those with water lines and hoses attached, need to be inspected for wear and tear and leakage. If they’re showing any of those, have the parts replaced by professionals at once.

3. Caulk Inventory

Check every area of your home that requires caulk. That means going over every counter top, tile and bathtub. Missing caulk needs to be replaced right away.

4. Chimney

Chimneys get really messy over time, as anyone with one in the home will attest to. This is why it’s important to sweep the chimney clean periodically. The best time to do the cleanup is during the early days of autumn when you won’t be using the fireplace regularly.

5. Dryer Vent

Clothes dryer vents need to be cleaned regularly to keep them from becoming fire hazards. Regular cleaning also keeps the dryer running smoothly.

6. Electric Outlets

Frayed wires, plugs that are too lose or any potential fire hazard must be addressed immediately. You need to stop using electric outlets that don’t look to be in top shape and instead, call an electrician to get it repaired.

7. Fire Extinguisher

Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher. When you do have one, always check and ensure that it hasn’t gone past its expiration date. One that’s expired will no longer work properly and must be thrown out and replaced immediately.

8. Insulation

Adding a layer of insulation can save you a lot of money on energy costs. You also need to look for potential stains in the roof. It’s a clear indication that you have a water leak.

9. Landscape

Walk around your property and review if there are any overgrown shrubs or trees that need pruning. Make sure you stay away from branches located near power lines and call professionals to handle those.

10. Lighting Fixtures

Home lighting needs to be checked regularly. You need to ensure none of the bulbs in the lamps, fixtures and ceiling fans have blown out or are missing. If there are any of them broken or missing, replace them immediately. Switch to CFL bulbs to save some money on your electric bills.

11. Mold

Who likes a moldy home? No one, that’s for sure. So keep the mold at bay by ensuring grout lines are sealed at least once a year. Professional tile and grout cleaning services are being offered by many local firms and should keep your home looking clean and mold-free.

12. Pest Control

Bugs and other pests are some of the very worst problems a homeowner can have. So make sure your home is not being turned into a nest for these pesky critters and schedule pest control at least once every year.

13. Pressure Wash

The home is more than just the inside. You also want the outside looking well, right? The best way to do that is to get a pressure washer. Rent or hire professionals to clean the home’s siding, deck and patio. Doing this annually will greatly reduce mold growth and infestation.

14. Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets are notorious for harboring mites and mold. This is why they need to be checked regularly to ensure they’re still in good condition. Keep an eye out for any rips, tears and stains, as well as mold. If needed, contact a specialist for help. Consider replacing the rugs altogether if cleanup doesn’t go well.

15. Walkways and Stairs

Check all the home’s walkways and stairs. Is there any lifting concrete, sloping, or handrails in need of repair? These are all potential threats and may be hazardous if left unfixed. Contact an expert immediately to have them repaired.

Spotting and handling potential problems early can save you a lot of dollars in repairs. It also saves you from a lot of headaches. So be a responsible homeowner and ensure you do your annual home maintenance.