15 Best Travel Destinations in 2015

Are you fed up of all the regular travel destinations? Do you get the feeling that every place you go to offers the same experience, serves the same food and gives off the same vibe?

Then it’s time for a change, it’s time for the travel destinations which might not be the first ones that pop to your mind. We have the list of the 15 best travel destinations that will offer you a completely new experience.

1. Faroe Islands

No matter what year it is, Faroe Islands are always a good travel destination. But the year 2015 is especially good if you are planning to visit, because there will be a full solar eclipse on March 20th and it will be very nicely visible from these islands. As solar eclipse is something most people see only once in a lifetime, this is something that should not be missed if you have a chance to go there. If you can’t go in March, any time from July to August will be a perfect time to visit Faroe Islands, as that is the time when temperatures are comfortable and mildly warm, and the sunlight lasts long.

Planes that can lead you to Faroe Islands fly once a week, and the same goes for going back. There are a lot of nice places where you can stay, that will fit your budget and style. If you want to explore the Faroe Islands, you can easily do it by car, but make sure you first familiarize yourself with the narrow lanes and the driving ways on these islands, because if you are not a local resident, you might get confused.

Faroe Islands are thought to have been first inhabited with Irish monks, and it was considered “the paradise of the birds” as there are many species of birds enjoying the nature and richness of this place.

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  1. Glenn Bouwmeester

    The person that wrote the Taiwan bit has never been here. ‘Poorer than China?’ Not by any stretch of the imagination. Also noticeably absent is Toroko Gorge, which is a must-see for anyone who will be here for more than a week. Come and check it out for yourself.

  2. Taiwan is great. Washington DC? Maybe. Oklahoma City? – What?!