15 Best Travel Destinations in 2015

2. Esteros del Iberá, Argentina

This place has many lakes that create a web in the northeastern Corrientes Province in Argentina. The water in these lakes is so pure and glittering that the people usually refer to it as “brilliant water”. These waters take up 3.2 million acres of the mentioned province, and have been declared a natural reserve in 1983.  The horizontal landscape of this place is very beautiful and intimate. It was previously famous for the animal who was the king of this area, jaguar, but it was driven out during the 1950s. However, environmentalists are trying to raise awareness and taking action in order to bring jaguar back to this area.

The best time to visit, if you like tropical temperatures, is during the summer which here lasts from December to February. This is the time when you can see colorful birds and flowering plants and experience the tropical side of this area. If the purpose of your visit is to see the wildlife, then the best time to visit is from March to June, while if you wish to experience the holidays in Argentina, the best time is the winter, which lasts from June to September.

If you would like to experience some history, a must-see is one the old cattle ranches located on the outskirts of the Ibera Provincial Park. It holds more than 4000 cattle, hundreds of horses and a traditional colonial spirit that would be a pity to miss if you have the chance to visit.

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  1. Glenn Bouwmeester

    The person that wrote the Taiwan bit has never been here. ‘Poorer than China?’ Not by any stretch of the imagination. Also noticeably absent is Toroko Gorge, which is a must-see for anyone who will be here for more than a week. Come and check it out for yourself.

  2. Taiwan is great. Washington DC? Maybe. Oklahoma City? – What?!