15 Celebrities Who Have Become Fashion Designers

It happens only too often that celebrities suddenly decide to change the course of their careers and try their luck in some other area of show business. They are already in the spotlight so they might as well ride that wave and see what else they’re good at, or just pursue their long forgotten dream. One of the professions that attracts celebrities is fashion design, and while some of the stars that ventured into fashion design have had moderate success, others should just stick to what they know best.

1. Kardashian/Jenner sisters

Considering how Kardashian/Jenner sisters are now some of the most fashionable women on the planet, it doesn’t surprise us that they wanted to share their fashion wisdom with the world and created their own clothing line. In 2011, they released their line called Kardashian Kollection which they produced for Sears.

You can imagine how the collection sold out right away. Now, four years later, Sears doesn’t sell their collection anymore, but knowing that Kardashians can’t resist fashion, it’s only a matter of time when their next line will come out.

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