15 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Leading a stressful life that we are, every now and then we all like to change things up a bit by travelling, usually someplace exotic. When you want to take a vacation, you usually plan it for weeks, even months ahead of time, to make sure everything will work out the way you want to. We all take into consideration location, hotel reviews, cost and other things. However, there are some places in the world you should avoid, or be very careful upon reserving your tickets. When it comes to these fifteen cities, take notes, as these are the most dangerous places in the world.

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The city is located in the northwest corner of the country, in the Valle de Sula (Sula Valley), about 60 kilometers (37 miles) south of Puerto Cortés on the Caribbean Sea. It has a lovely, tropical climate and high temperatures throughout the year. The city has great sights, such as The Museum of Anthropology and History, The Child Planetarium, The Central park where stands a little gazebo marking a place where the city was founded, and Avenida Circunvalación (The Ring Avenue) a popular zone containing hotels, malls, banks and fast food chains.

However, San Pedro Sula is one of the most dangerous places in the world. According to statistics, in 2011, the city had 159 homicides per 100,000 residents, which surpassed the previous most dangerous place on Earth for three consecutive years, Ciudad Juarez, in Mexico. These numbers and statistics translated into ordinary English mean that San Pedro Sula is the murder capital of the world with approximately 3 murders a day. What makes it even worse is that murders are not the only thing you should be worried about, for in this city the gang activity is so high that they’ve taken over the businesses of illegal drug trade and arms trafficking. No wonder there are so many murders in a city with so much firearms.

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  1. Oh absolute NONSENSE…CAPE TOWN is not one of the 16 most dangerous places in the world… I have travelled through Gugulethu and Kayalitsha….yes it might be a little out of our comfort zone but Cape Town is NOT CONSIDERED A DANGEROUS PLACE!!!!!!

    • If you’re white, you’re chancing your arm! Go ask Amy Biehl! I’m afraid you’re not living in the real world, just like Amy wasn’t, and it cost her, her life! Just look at the barbarians when rioting and destroying at will, that’s who you think are just fine. No, you have to be careful in any city around the world, and Cape Town is different, no matter the rose tinted spectacles you’re wearing. I love Cape Town dearly(born, schooled & varsity), and would only leave in chains kicking and screaming, but one has to be realistic.

  2. Whoever wrote it, has never been to Kiev! I live in Kiev for 47 years and have never felt the danger to life! You’re probably confused Kiev and Donetsk.

  3. Cuba-“former socialist country?” It still is.

  4. First, when did Cuba stop being “socialist?” Have the Castros been informed? Second, it’s a good idea to do your homework on any city you’re visiting to locate and avoid the high crime areas.

  5. Yeah, and with about 3,000 shootings a year, Chicago should be top of the list!

    • Harry McNicholas

      Where did you get your numbers John? Chicago has shootings but your figures are ridiculous.

  6. this was a stupid. Chicago, Kingston, Santo Domingo… higher crime rates. Lots of money was used to keep some places out and some on this list

  7. I wonder whether the author of this “prejudiced” article has ever visited any of the aforementioned cities to have the right to judge. It’s a complete nonsence to consider Kiev as a dangerous city which can cost you life! It smells politics if to read between the lines, doesn’t it? The information presented is false. Our capital isn’t the center of violence. Don’t confuse facts! Welcome everyone to Ukraine, the country of one of the most hospitable nation!

  8. I could guaranty Havana and Cuba in generaly is one of the most safeties cities and countries in the world, starting because there is not crime or guns shots , mainly for tourists. If we are going to talk about drugs, they are every where . Are not there drugs in New York, Paris, Moscow, London or any other cities that are not considered violent?

  9. Osmeydi Soriano

    Ok Cuba still a socialist country and Vedado is NOT old Havana it’s actually “new Havana”. The drugs are not a problem in Cuba that is a complete lie. I’m cuban I lived there until 2008 when I came to America, I’m 30 now so I know what I’m talking about.

  10. Surprised to see Acapulco at #2. I was just there last week. Traveled all along the bay from Old Acapulco to the Diamante area near the airport. Never saw a crime, never felt unsafe even walking around a night and never saw a dead body (as the article states). They need to revisit Acapulco.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps this report was written by people in the USA who don’t want those in the USA to know how wonderful the rest of the world is

    • Outside of the Port of Acapulco is perhaps the danger zone. Just drove from Mexico City with my family there for a neat time and pleasant vacations. But we just stood for the touristic spots. The beach, the bay area and the residential zone. Great things to do and enjoy down there. Though I consider the most dangerous place in Mexico: Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

  11. Yani Manyakolista

    how about Tikrit, Raqqa, Mosul, Somalia, NIgeria???

  12. Scott Henderson

    This article is extremely inaccurate and I now doubt any of it’s substance. I have been to Havana, Cuba more than 100 times, my wife is from Cuba. I’m a gringo and I can walk down Calle Cinco at 4 a.m. with a Rolex around my wrist and I feel perfectly safe! I have NEVER had a problem in Cuba, other than the Customs officials hassling me every time I arrive and depart, tasking my passport form em and ordering me to follow them where they just hassle me and then allow me to continue, that is the REAL problem there for me, frustrating me so much I said I would never return. But as far a crime, NO! Especially murders. Prostitution is absolutely illegal and all the girls are very conscious of the police presence on nearly every corner in raised guard houses. Guns are prohibited. Yes poverty abounds. My Cuban friend, a former Government official, once told me, “my friend, in Cuba there is no such thing as prostitution, only desperation”. Now, Honduras is extremely dangerous, I personally know several Hondurans who have had loved ones killed over a simple thing such as a cell phone. I refuse to go to Honduras, but Cuba, no problemo…..Cubans welcome tourists, except the Customs and Immigration employees, and would not endanger you, they want to help you in hopes you will take care of them too. I have never seen or even smelled drugs there either, utter BS by the author of this article, whom I doubt has ever been to Havana, Cuba!

  13. This list is not accurate,it should have way more African and middle east cities.

  14. Just curious, but how did Baghdad and Kabul dodge rankings?

  15. That’s the reality of it, any city in the wrong areas will be dangerous.

  16. Hi, cutie. Is that you in real life?

  17. I went to Acapulco in last year on March & it was damn good vacation. I even went scuba diving & partying. When I went to Rome 5 yrs ago, I was robbed in a daytime public street. So why Rome is not here?

    • Harry McNicholas

      If you made it through Acapulco alive, kiss the ground a dozen times.

    • Maybe because in Rome they just have robbers, pickpockets ……
      No, violent attacks ……But I agree with you …..
      They have lots of robbers around all Touristic areas !!!

  18. Uh, please check the Cuban constitution. The country is still very much COMMUNIST (not even socialist. Socialist is something like Sweden). In addition to the petty crime, you can run afoul of the government by doing something as simple as getting into an accident in a rental car. There are nightmare stories of tourists being detained for months while their families got the shakedown. Also beware of things like dengue fever.

  19. Does anyone ever plan to go to Detroit for a vacation?

  20. Now I call BULLSHIT to that thing about Havana being dangerous!…fuck that calumny!…I am a Cuban man, I lived 36 straight years in my Cuba before coming legally to the USA, I am not a communist man, I am not big fan of the government of my country but HONESTY goes before anything and in the honesty field I walk and say that Cuba is not a paradise but Cuba and Havana and the others Cuban cities are the MOST safe place in the world for tourists!!!…more than 3 million of people from all over the world visit Cuba every year and NO ONE of them has been murdered or kidnapped!…more than 90% of those 3 millions of tourists repeat the visit 2 or more times, who the fuck would comeback to a dangerous place?, Moreover, in Cuba kids play in the streets 3,4 or more blocks away from home and alone and no one has been kidnapped or murdered, you people have to stop being brainwashed sheep of the fucking media and learn the truth and the facts about everything by yourselves!…

  21. Many years ago when I used to run the north coast of Honduras, scuba diving and partying, I spent time in San Pedro Sula and frequented a questionable nightclub. I remember there were guards standing at the entrance and various places along the walls inside. They were all armed with Uzis slung across their shoulders. I was infatuated with a tattooed, gangster girl, who was absolutely gorgeous, so I wasn’t particularly concerned that I was in the middle of an armed camp. I was the only gringo in the whole place; I still wonder how I survived that little adventure.

  22. What do all these places have in common? Governments that are corrupt and ineffective. Much of Latin America is notorious for this, so no surprise their cities continue to dominate this type of list.

  23. Yay Detroit!

  24. Title of the article should be prefaced with “If You’re A Drug Dealer”. Author did zero research into where the statistics come from. Just based on numbers. Most of these places are as safe as…or safer than U.S. cities. Only dangerous if you’re a member of one of the violent drug gangs. Be a respectful, well-mannered visitor and you’ll be fine.

  25. Pasquale Iannello

    I have visited and worked in Tegucigalpa, but I have not seen any of danger mentioned here

  26. I echo what many commentators have said on here about Havana being among this list. Inclusion on this list either amounts to: a) pure US anti-Cuban propaganda that has existed ever since the US embargo war began against Cuba; b) an absolute idiotic combination of “journalist” and “editor” having never been to Cuba and have a very limited range of international travel and geopolitics; c) the influence of the old-guard, anti-Castro expats, defeated and shriveling away into obscurity and credibility.

    I’ve literally been to a hundred cities more dangerous than Havana with most of them being in the USA itself. Might I add, though not female, it is one of the safest places a single female could travel in the world today due in large part to the solidarity of the epic revolution that addressed and greatly improved many of the worst ism’s today: sexism, classism and racism. Cuba is a more enlightened, healthier, safe and equitable American country than the USA, sorry to say.

    Drug trade in Cuba? This is another issue that speaks to the amateurish, inadequately researched aspect of this article. You can probably find more drug trade per square inch and dollar value on Capitol Hill than you will find in Cuba. Is it possible to find drugs in Cuba? Sure, but it is also possible to find them in Saudi Arabia, en route to mount everest and any other place on earth.

    The Cuban government cracks down hard on drugs and wants no part in the traffic of drugs to the USA and certainly makes it far more of a national policy to combat illicit drugs than any country in the Americas. In fact, you could say its hard line policy against drugs creates more trade in the surrounding island nations within the Caribbean.

  27. My husband and I had our honeymoon in Acapulco in 1979 and we walked up and down the main street in the evening without any problem at all. I love Acapulco and would go back again tomorrow………….

    • Do come back!! I live in Mexico, and it’s still gorgeous thank god! Just went there with my family and know what I’m talking about. If you avoid danger you’ll hardly find it at Acapulco.

  28. Cape Town and no Johannesburg? Im not sure I believe this entirely. However, SA as a whole is believable as our social ills are growing and worsening including Cape Town (my beautiful city)

  29. There’s a considerable difference between cities that experience high drug related crimes as a result of shootings and rivalries between the gangs and those cities whose criminals prey on tourists. So, yes, a city may be dangerous if you are involved in illegal activities but not necessarily dangerous for the traveler.

  30. Hassan El Khashab

    All this wrong about EGYPT it was in 2013 but now in 2015 every thing about EGYPT back again to normal situation …. be happy in our country EGYPT wait you.

  31. Harry McNicholas

    Right now the most dangerous cities in Mexico are Reynosa and Matamoras. The whole state of Tamaulipas is a war zone. Don’t even think about going there.

  32. Kristoffel Wiesyafader

    Lol this article is a joke. I live in Cape Town. Johannesburg is by far worse. In the whole of Africa I cant really think of anywhere safer than Cape Town. It’s not perfect, but which city is? You will also find that serious crimes are more confined to the ghetto’s. I mean, how dangerous can a city that consists of 90% hipster girly-boys be?

  33. I am from Mexico and I have traveled many times to Kiev, Ukraine. Kiev and most of Ukraine is safe and the people are Awesome. I will be more afraid to be in Moscow, Russia than in Kiev Ukraine. In Moscow they have Skinheads and gangs intimidating the tourist especially if you have dark skin.

    • Moscow is quite safe, even walking around the city at 3am. There are so many police around so it’s not really a problem, surprisingly.

  34. What makes Cuba dangerous is when the U.S. Gov’t catches it’s citizens going there. The fines are huge and unless you are completely insolvent, they will collect.

  35. This is absolutely preposterous, Acapulco, Nuevo Laredo, Havana? Where are Damascus, Baghdad and Kabul?… apparently they’re safe cities to visit… I guess thousands of Americans spends their vacations in Baghdad. …

  36. I am seeing a big Zionist lie here…so many countries on the U.S. enemies list – do they want to collapse their tourist industries, I wonder?? Hmmm

  37. Ferry Van Oossanen

    A lot of these place will not seem or feel unsafe and as long as you are aware and don’t do anything stupid, they really are fine. All of them receive tons or even milions of tourist every year and most of those people do not experience any negativity. When it comes to guatemala city tho, on the caribean? the closest beach is like 4 hours away! many tourist atractions? I was there last month and there is nothing to see and yes a big part of the city does definetely feel unsafe! The rest of the country of guatemala is absolutely beautifull and I highly recommend it!

  38. Musa I Maiyamba

    @Yani Nigeria has a population of about 170million and though the BokoHaram issue is unfortunate, they are cells of terrorist made up of few individuals causing destruction of lives and property in 3 of the 36 states in far north border with sahara desert. They are still around because they spread their ideology by brainwashng their children and women soldiers(now a global phenomena). Nigerian politics is not helping matters.A stingy tourist should rather be worried about the pirates and kidnappers of the coastal south.