15 Most Dangerous Countries for Your Vacation

Planning a vacation is always awesome. With all the advances in technology, the world is increasingly becoming smaller and smaller. It’s now easier to live on one continent and find yourself on another just 10 hours later. In this day and age, no location anywhere in the world is too far.

That’s not to say no place is too dangerous, however. These places may be breathtaking. They may host the best flora and fauna the world has to offer. They may have the most scenic, awe-inspiring natural and man-made wonders. But they must also be avoided due to the dangers they present.

Here are 15 of the most dangerous parts of the world you can go to on vacation, and why you should think twice before you decide to visit them at all.

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  1. I spent a month in the Philippines and met a number of tourists who traveled different parts of that country. El Nido is Amazing and Boracai is a top Kite Surfing destination. There are shipwrecks and reefs and caves to be explored. I have many friends that I intend to see again.(Filipino, European and Russian) The people are friendly and English is widely spoken. Just avoid Mindanao, be humble and use your common sense when traveling in a poorer country whose people are worse off than those who are traveling there.

    • I lived in the Philippines for 7 years, in a small town on southern Luzon island. I also visited the manila area a lot, actually Pasay. Crime in Manila area is bad but not as bad as crime in cities like, Detroit, Chicago, NYC, LA, Memphis, Miami, ok, and most USA cities.

      Yes the park police can be a pain in the ass, and yes you can be attested for interfering in what the police are doing, but NO police are not committing the robberies in Manila. When my wife necklace was stolen at the bus station in Pasay police were very helpful. Never had problems in 7 years living there with police, in fact police told me if I did have any problems let them know about it.

  2. Been to St Petersburg and Moscow(twice). I have not seen “guns and mobsters crawling around”…. a bit expansive but the night life is awesome and the people are very welcoming …..

  3. Some people have problems when they step off the plane. I have been to at last count over 35 countries (business and pleasure) without a problem. I am not bragging. But it seems that some people are not meant to travel and should just stay home.

  4. In some countries, it’s best to travel with large groups in guided tours. I did that in Egypt in October 2007 and Mexico in October 2010. In both cases, we stayed in the tourist areas, which were quite safe. The tour of Mexico included Mexico City, Oaxaca, and the Yucatan, and much of the focus was on the Aztec and Mayan ruins. A lot of the violence in the news is near the U.S. border, especially around El Paso. The tour company I traveled with in Egypt is still offering tours there (and they do sell out), but they aren’t going on excursions into the Sinai anymore due to the turmoil there.

    While I would like to visit Russia at some point, I can’t say than Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, or several of these other countries are on my bucket list (or most people’s bucket list) to visit any time soon.

  5. Held up at gunpoint during the day right on Paulista Ave. (VERY busy main street), people everywhere. Of course no cops when you need them. Sao Paulo is the perfect example of “putting lipstick on a pig”. The olympics will be a feeding frenzy for the unsavory element

  6. # 1 thing in any country but mine is as follows; keep your mouth shut, do not talk politics or religion; never talk about the U S A, for example; how good we live, the civil rights we have. do not follow a set pattern keep your business close and private even from your tour guide, as they are often on the payroll for bad guys

  7. the safest way to travel is to not look like tourist. some guys can walk down any street in the world and not be accosted. that is because that individual has the look of someone who will not be an easy mark; someone who will bring emidiant confrontation. think: criminals want no confrontation, low profile. they like in and out, here and gone tactics.professional crooks want to hit and run with no confrontation

  8. I want to go back to Vietnam. I was there in the early sixties. A beautiful nation and people.

  9. Yep… sadly, these are the same @$$hat losers that are going to these countries where they think they’ll be revered… and the same ones that get in trouble and then say they’re dangerous.

  10. North Korea. Yes. Always a top vacation destination. lol. And who exactly is vacationing in Somalia these days? Mexico is also obvious. My former dentist’s wife was shot (and killed) years ago while making a putt on a golf course in Puerta Vallarta. That’s no kind of a sunny get-away. But maybe that’s me. But then, any destination with headless torsos lining the highways is usually not even worth the printing of a tourist pamphlet. And its an interesting tourist who is heading to Iraq right now. I think this article would have made its better point had they whittled the list down to places Americans are actually perhaps tempted to visit.

  11. This is the best article I have read in a long time. I want to thank every one for their input very interesting.

  12. Americans are actually much safer in Mexico than they are in the U.S! You state that 2.1 of 100,000 American tourists are murdered there, yet the U.S. murder rate is 4.7. You’re more than twice as likely to be murdered in the U.S. as you are if you visit Mexico.

    Mexico clearly has a serious crime problem, mainly due to the drug trade, but to say that American tourists are not safe there is simply not true, according to your own data.

  13. This list is really stupid. Maybe true if you’re shaped like a white whale and plan on yelling in English and wearing shorts and flip flops. Otherwise half of these are off the list. Yes, places have crime. Be smart, use common sense, learn about local customs and culture before you go. It’s really not that hard. Risks come w rewards if done intelligently.

  14. I though El Salvador was pretty violent also.

  15. If you avoid a few areas, Mexico is a very safe place, I travel there every year with my small children and never have issues.

  16. And they still keep going after all the warnings, that is just crazy.

  17. What’s dangerous is those rolled up jeans he’s wearing….

  18. Mexico – 2.1 US tourists murdered per 100 000. That’s safer than being at home in the US at 4.7 per 100 000. And how come the US isn’t on the list so far?

  19. Russia number 2? Nowhere else are their gangs, drugs, and human trafficking? Guess I’ll invite my Russian friend’s for a nice stroll and drink in South Central LA after sunset next time.

  20. The only one of these countries I’ve visited is Mexico and I never really felt “unsafe” for the 4 times I’ve visited. Maybe It’s just because I stuck to the more touristy hot spots like Cabo San Lucas (slightly run down areas aside), Chitzen Itza, and Xcaret, I’m aware of the horror stories that come out of Acapulco and Ciudad Juarez (ironically next to one of the safest cities in the U.S.). I certainly wouldn’t discourage travel to Mexico, the places most affected by drug cartel violence are usually away from major tourist attractions (or is not as obvious on the surface at least).