15 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Ever

It isn’t really fair to label a breed of dog as dangerous without assigning them other attributes as well. Dogs have personalities and can be very friendly in a proper environment, while if trained to be violent they probably will be.

Most researchers disagree about what are the factors that make a certain dog dangerous and how to determine the levels of danger. But all do agree that some species are definitely more dangerous than others and that people need to be careful around them because they are able to cause great harm if they suddenly decided to attack someone.

Although most aggressive dogs are like that due to improper training or trauma, there are breeds that are more susceptible to violence than others, so here are the 15 most dangerous breeds that you should be careful around or think twice when considering to adopt, especially if you have children.

1. Pit bull

The class of pit bulls includes American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, and any combination of these breeds. Their weight and look depend on various factors, and they can weigh from 35 to more than 100 pounds. If trained by a negligent person or for dog fights, these dogs can be extremely dangerous and inflict great damage to those it chooses to bite.

Pit bulls have a certain ‘style’ of biting their victims, and it involves holding and shaking them, which can lead to serious bone and muscle damage, often permanent. People bitten by pit bulls can usually stay disfigured, and these dogs are so aggressive and persistent that the only way to stop them once they attack may, unfortunately, be with the use of a gun.

Pit bulls are often bred to serve for dog fighting purposes. That is why they can be said to be very dog- aggressive, but not exclusively. Pit bulls often kill other pets in the house if they have to share a space. They even sometimes show aggression towards people, sometimes even towards the owner.

Obviously, these dogs can be very dangerous and not just anyone should be able to own a pit bull. According to an article published in the July/August 2009 issue of Animal People, of all the dogs that have to be euthanized each year, pit bulls make up for 58%. This is due to all the pit bull attacks and the harm they cause to both animals and humans.

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  1. With all due respect it is in how you treat and train the animal. A Wolf Dog Hybrid inherits the instincts of the wolf which in domestic dogs has been bred out or buried if you will over hundreds if not thousands of years. You need someone who knows how to handle such an animal . The rest of the dogs on the list however , I have seen in many people’s custody. They have all been wonderful dogs with the exception of 1. There is a bulldog currently residing near where I live and she menaces and charges people and other pets and for no reason at all. She does not get provoked . You could simply be 100 feet if not more away and if she sees you she spirals out of control and this dog’s owner does NOTHING to control her and keep her in line. In all truth she should not have her because she allows her to run amok. However as far as others go there are some people who are abusive to animals and shouldn’t own them and then there are those like me , who are animal lovers who believe in training an animal properly and knowing when and when not to let down their guard.