16 Alarming Details that Will Keep You Away From Fast Food

2. The chicken nuggets you eat at fast food restaurants barely contain any chicken.

Of course, when you prepare chicken nuggets at home, they are delicious and they can be healthy. However, you shouldn’t expect the same thing at fast food restaurants.

There, instead of real chicken nuggets you will get a combination of fats, connective tissue, nerves and grinded bones. Remember hot dogs? Well, chicken nuggets aren’t much better than that.

According to the National Chicken Council, mechanically separated poultry is used in processed meats such as frankfurters and lunch meat, but they shouldn’t be a part of chicken nuggets. McDonald’s assures customers that the only meat used in their chicken nuggets is chicken breast meat, but researchers from the University of Mississippi Medical Center wouldn’t agree. They believe that the content of chicken in chicken nuggets is so low that the name should be changed.

These researchers found that what you thought you were eating (chicken breast) is not even among the main ingredients in this food.

The predominant ingredients are fat, bones, connective tissue, skin and nerves, and they were found in higher contents than the meat. The researchers thought it was important to share this information, because chicken nuggets are eaten daily by many Americans, and especially children.

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