16 Alarming Details that Will Keep You Away From Fast Food

3. Those delicious burgers you see in advertising posters are photoshopped.

We have all seen billboards with oh-so-delicious burgers with cheese dripping all over and the meat looking so good you immediately get the urge to eat it. So you go to the fast food restaurant to buy that amazing food that is screaming your name and once you get it – it is nothing like the burger in the ad.

You probably know that these pictures are all embellished, worked on in Photoshop to make the food look more tasty and appealing.

And this is all done for the sake of better selling their product. There is actually a job for food stylists, who use their photographic and Photoshop skills in order to make the foods look juicier and tastier to potential customers.

The fact is that you probably wouldn’t even want that burger if it looked in the ad exactly the way it really looks like. So the marketing experts thought of this smart idea, to use your visual reaction to make you want their product. But once you buy that food, you see that what you bought is not what you expected.

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