16 Shortest Celebrity Marriages Ever

“…And they lived happily ever after”. When getting married, most people imagine a happy life with their partner, a unity that will last until one of them passes away. However, for some people, in this case- celebrities, marriage is not such a big deal, and it sometimes doesn’t last more than just a couple of months or even days. Here are the 16 shortest celebrity marriages ever.

1. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander. These two were childhood friends who knew each other their whole lives before they decided to get married in Las Vegas in 2004. Rumor has it that they both were under the influence of ecstasy when this wedding took place. Their marriage lasted for whole 55 hours, and after that short period of time they got it annulled. This rash decision was one of the many Spears made throughout her career, and this event is still a laughing subject even after all these years and many incidents in Britney’s colorful life. After this event, Spears’ career began to spiral down and this happened mostly due to her alcohol and drug abuse along with her loss of perception. This downfall is now a matter of the past, as Britney has climbed back to the top and is active in the music industry more than ever.

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