17 Most Popular On-Screen Duos

There’s nothing worse for a movie than an actors’ duo that has zero chemistry and doesn’t make us believe a thing. But just sometimes, two actors work so well together and have such great chemistry that we instantly fall in love with the movie. And with such powerful duos a movie is bound to be a smashing hit. No wonder directors want to cast them together again and again. Here are 17 such duos we love to see together.

1. George Clooney and Julia Roberts

We loved them in Ocean’s Eleven where they played ex-lovers whose paths cross again and they display a range of affection, passion and indifference as the choice between love and money becomes one of the main issues with this couple.

The actors collaborated on the sequel, Ocean’s Twelve, as well as some other movies such as Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and they are set to appear together on screen again in the upcoming thriller Money Monster. Their secret – they are actually great friends with a long history. As Julia explained, the beauty of their relationship is that it evolved from teasing to genuine care for each other.

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