12 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

2. Pay Per Click advertising

The name of this type of advertising is quite self-explanatory – you get paid for each time someone clicks on these ads while on your website. These ads usually have something to do with the content on your website. To start dealing with this type of advertising, you can sign up to a provider that will give you a code to be placed on your blog or website, and from then on that provider will be sending ads to your site. There are numerous providers of this service, but Google AdSense is the most commonly used and probably the most reliable one.

How much you can profit from Pay Per Click (PPC) ads depends on the traffic on your website and the number of people who will actually click on the ads. If you have lots of traffic, you can make a significant profit, but if the number of people who visit your blog is small, you probably won’t benefit much from PPC.

To increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your visitors, place these kinds of ads where they are most likely to be clicked on – at the beginning or the end of an article, or some other place where they will be visible.

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