Are You Ambitious or Just Impatient? These 5 Questions Will Help You Figure it out!

2. How do your colleagues respond to your efforts?

Are people turning to you when they need help or guidance, or are they ignoring you and rolling their eyes when they see you or need to get into contact with you? Making efforts to fix all the errors and trying to make everything right makes you ambitious and realistic, while sending 10 emails in the course of half an hour just because you didn’t get a respond as soon as you had hoped makes you impatient and annoying. Are you constantly asking your coworkers for status updates? Are you urging them to do things more quickly even though they are working fast enough?

If you look at the situation at your company closely, you’ll be able to see whether your colleagues respect you and want to be around you, or they try to run as far away as they can when they see you. What you see should give you an insight of how you behave and whether you should start thinking and behaving a little differently.