11 Ways to Improve Your Finances this Year

2. Stay safe from identity theft

Stealing all your money is not the only way identity thieves can harm you and your finances, they can also steal your entire identity and create fraudulent accounts in your name. This can ruin your reputation, put you into huge debt and cost you too much time trying to fix the situation.

One of the most frequent ways identity thieves use to try to steal your identity is sending you an email that contains a hyperlink which leads you to a site that looks completely legal and valid, and it asks you to insert your personal information. Many people get fooled this way and they give out their names, addresses and even credit card numbers and Social Security numbers. Trusting such emails and giving out your personal information to anyone can ruin your financial situation and several other aspects of life as well, for that matter. To stay safe from identity theft, never click on links sent to you via email, even if they look legit.

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