Your Makeup’s 9 Deadliest Ingredients

2. Liquid foundation

Foundation makes your skin smooth and covers all the imperfections on your face, so it looks perfect before you start applying other makeup items. It can be difficult to find a perfect foundation- some are too yellowish, some are too oily, some too dry- but once you do, you probably don’t care about the ingredients. But you should, because some of them are actually very harmful for you.

If you see an ingredient called ‘propylene glycol’ or ‘PG’ on your liquid foundation, you should stop using it and never buy it again. Besides being a part of your foundation, this ingredient can also be found in moisturizers, deodorants, suntan lotions, and many more products that you use on a daily basis. PG is a chemical which comes into existence when petroleum is refined, and it is used as an emulsifier and a stabilizer, as well as some other things. It is commonly used because it is cheaper than some natural variants, but it doesn’t mean you should be applying it to your skin.

When you apply a product which contains PG onto your skin, it prevents water from escaping without moisturizing your skin. On the outside, your skin looks great, but after a while of using those foundations, you will develop fine lines and your face will be dry. Also, PG can irritate your skin and cause surface damage, as well as penetrate into your bloodstream and accumulate in your bloodstream.

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