10 Mistakes Successful People Don’t Make Twice

2. Trying to be someone they’re not

Many people see what successful people do and how they behave, so they begin trying to be like them. But the result of that is one unhappy person who is trying to be someone they’re not. Also, you can never be great at what you do if you’re trying to be just like someone else. Smart and successful people have realized that they cannot become someone else- they can only be better at being themselves.

That means figuring out what their talents are, what they are good at and pursuing their own dreams and not someone else’s.  Moreover, when someone is trying to be someone else and trying to hide who they truly are, it is almost always se-through and people recognize the act. When people realize that you’re pretending or trying to be someone else and not accepting yourself for who you are, it can lead to many lost opportunities, damaged relationships and a very unhappy life. Smart and successful people realize, after trying to be something they’re not, that they are just as good themselves, and that there is no need to fake anything. You simply need to be you and authentic in order to become successful and accomplished.

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