10 Most Overrated Tourist Destinations

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

What is there not to like about Buenos Aires? It is the city of passionate people, beautiful women, tango and excellent food. It is the Paris of the South, so romance and adventure should be there aplenty. Only, when you get there, you realize that things aren’t as cute as they seem in the pictures. Sure, there are some interesting things to see, but overall – unimpressive. You can try some incredible steak and wine there and pretty cheap, but be careful to eat in trusted restaurants, otherwise you may be in for an unpleasant surprise and even get food poisoning.

The architecture resembles that in Europe, so many tourists argue that you should just go to Europe instead. Others were utterly disappointed by the coldness of the locals. According to them, the people are quite unfriendly and unwelcoming. But one of the biggest reasons to visit and biggest let downs is La Boca. What should be a colorful neighborhood is actually just one street artificially turned into a tourist attraction. The cafes here are overpriced and keep your wallets close because there are pickpockets on every step. All in all, you’ll end up with a few cool photos for Instagram, but that’s about it.

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