20 Best Jobs for Millennials

Millennials finishing college are facing tough challenges adjusting to the reality, getting a job, starting to pay bills and finding their place in the society. That’s why the existential crisis is something very real happening to almost every twentysomething after graduating. But, even though it may seem so, future is not so bleak. According to Young Invincibles, a group advocating for millennials, there are some jobs that are going to see tremendous growth in the future and are, therefore, much more profitable and suitable to the young people between 18 and 34.

20. Dietitians and nutritionists

Nutrition has become one of the burning issues of modern society with more and more people interested in healthier lifestyles and diets. Therefore, it is no wonder that researchers predict 21% of growth in this area of work by 2022.

Dietitians can work in medical institutions, providing medical advice to those in need of change in their nutrition, they can educate communities about food, or they can participate in planning a meal program for institutions such as hospitals and cafeterias. Among the many possibilities, nutritionists can also work for individual clients or organizations. Adding a relatively high median salary of $55,240 makes this job pretty perspective.

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