20 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Ever

Aliens, superheroes and futuristic landscapes – sometimes we just want to get as far away from reality as possible, and these TV shows are here to help us. As we get to relive our dearest childhood memories with The X-Files coming back to the TV screens with a new season, we thought it was a great time to compile a list of the best sci-fi TV shows ever. And while some of them have finished airing a long time ago, others are currently running and making our lives a little more magical.

 1. Agent Carter (2015 – )

Designed to cure our January blues and make it a little easier to get through the mid-season break of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter got excellent reviews for the first season. It is set in the Marvel Universe and follows the continuity of the other movies and TV shows in the franchise.

It follows the story of Peggy Carter who turns from a secretary to a secret agent and needs to help Howard Stark clear his name while at the same time trying to maintain a normal life of a single girl in 1940s.

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