20 Business Tips from 20 Successful Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur means that you’ll often experience moments of doubt and fear. In an effort to bring you confidence and boost your courage, we’ve rounded up the best real-life business tips from those who have climbed the entrepreneurial ladder and reached quite lofty heights.

Now, regardless of your entrepreneurial experience, you must be aware that there are no shortcuts to success. However, certain attitudes and actions may be helpful for every dream-seeker out there.

Don’t forget, it’s not enough to speak wisdom. You have to embrace it, as well.

1. “Scr*w it, let’s do it!”

It comes as no surprise that the smiling man with the beard is otherwise known as Dr Yes at Virgin. He firmly believes that anyone can do something remarkable with their first venture as long as they have the nerve to say: “Scr*w it, let’s do it!”

As his LinkedIn profile points out, Sir Richard Branson is a “tie-loathing adventurer and thrill seeker who believes in turning ideas into reality.” He’s never been afraid to dream big and set himself seemingly impossible challenges, although, if you take a look at his business ventures, you’ll notice his life took him through more downs than ups.

Sir Branson surely knows it’s not easy to navigate the stormy waters of entrepreneurship, particularly if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur just starting your business.

The world may truly fall in love with your idea at first sight, but love doesn’t necessarily make the world go round. In case you’re paving the way for something completely different, be ready to learn along the way, innovate and experiment. Also, don’t forget to ask yourself if you have the guts to pursue your dreams when everything is going against you.

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